How Do I Apply for a Treasurer's Deed?

In order to apply for a Treasurer’s Deed the Investor must …

  • Be the investor of record on the Tax Lien Certificate of Purchase
  • Wait three years  from the date of sale
  • Remit the application fee (The application fee does not earn interest)
  • Complete an application for Treasurer’s Deed found at the Treasurer’s website.

Notification to Property Owner:

Once the application and fee is received, notice of the deed application is mailed to the following parties:
  • The Owner of Record 
  • Senior tax lien certificate holder(s) if applicable
If none of these parties take action to redeem the lien within 2-3 weeks,  the deed process begins.  The Deed Fee pays for the following steps in the deed process:
  • Title Search
  • Advertising the notice for 3 consecutive weeks in a county newspaper
  • Certified mail notification to all parties identified in the Title search
  • Recording Fee
  • Statutory Treasurer’s Deed fee

Deed Process

The Deed date is set based on the final advertising date, no less than 3 months after the third printing of the notice. C.R.S. § 39-11-128(1)(b).
Fees generally fall within the deed fee amount, however, there are times when the costs exceed the fee and additional funds may be required to complete the process.
We recommend all subsequent liens be redeemed from Junior Lien holders.  If not paid, a Junior lien holder may apply for a deed 3 years from the date of his/her original lien.
All County held liens must be paid to process the application.
The Deed process takes approximately 5-6 months, however, approximately 1 percent of investors successfully obtain a Treasurer's Deed.  
The time frame may be longer if the title search takes longer than expected or there is a need to re-advertise the Deed notice i.e.
  • Names omitted on deed search
  • Changes of ownership not yet recorded
  • Misprints in the newspaper

Deed Issued

  • The original signed deed is recorded and sent to the investor as soon as the document is returned from the Recording Department
  • Unused fees are refunded
  • Current tax bills and Junior lien information is sent to certificate holder upon issuance of the Deed