How Do I Research the Properties?

There are three good sources for more in formation; the Treasurer and Assessor websites  along with DC Maps.
  • The Treasurer site will give you the current billing information for the account (Remember: The Treasurer bills one year in arrears).
  • The Assessor site will give you the most current characteristics such as lot size, square feet, values and sales information on the property.
  • DC Maps will give you the location and the latest aerial photos. 
Zeus Auction also is a good centralized location to view more information about each property published in the advertising list.

Some Items to Consider When Researching the Property 

  • Location of the property
  • Last sale date of the property
  • Last purchase price of the property
  • Classification of the property
  • Assessor’s actual value of the property
  • To confirm if there are previous tax liens, you can access the tax lien dataset and you can filter the dataset by account number to see how many tax liens are on the property.  Not all accounts will have prior tax liens.