Community Development

Project Records Online (PRO) Tool & Interactive Map

Project Records Online 

Planning Services, part of the Department of Community Development, launched a web-based project tracking tool that provides citizens with easy access to current and archived land development projects.  If you click on the image to the right, this tool, called Project Records Online (PRO), allows citizens to access all types of planning projects such as:  commercial, residential and industrial development applications; proposed zonings and rezonings; subdivision regulation changes; long-range planning activities; and Community Services’ programs and projects. 
Key features include the ability to view all associated documents; correspondence and exhibits, along with review status; related projects; and maps showing the project location, zoning and aerial views.  When viewing selected projects, users may email the project planner directly and view the County Assessor’s Office web pages for detailed project information.
Please contact Planning Services at 303-660-7460 with any questions.
Community Development Project Records Online System

Project Records Online Interactive Map

If you click on this interactive map, it will let you explore community development projects that are being planned by project number, street number, parcel number or job type.