What happens to the properties that don't sell?

Properties that don't sell become County Held Liens

Tax Lien Sale Certificates of Purchase are issued to the county for any property that does not receive a bid at the tax sale or if a County Lien already exists on an account the subsequent year is added to the existing county lien.
County Held liens can be taken over by individual tax buyers at any time.

How do I acquire a County Held Lien?

The process in Douglas County requires you to fill out an application form to acquire a county held lien.  When you acquire a county held lien, you must pay the full certificate amount of the lien including accrued interest.  Fill out the following forms to complete the process: 

How do I find out which properties the County has available?

It's easy!  We have a complete listing on our open data site for all county held liens available.  View the data set for the complete list or view the map for those accounts that can be mapped.