Douglas County's Amazon Alexa skill called Ask Douglas County, offers a new way to better serve and inform citizens for their questions about calendar of events and services. 
Ask 'Douglas County' provides a new way for citizens to connect with their local governments, allowing a user to verbally inquire about a subject in a conversational way.  Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service which connects to the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show and other Alexa-enabled devices such as Fire TV, Amazon Tap, Fire Tablets, and more.
 It's easy to start, just enable the skill and start asking questions
The skill can be enabled through a user’s Amazon Alexa app or by saying “Alexa, enable Douglas County” to their Amazon device.  
Once the skill is enabled, users can use voice commands with Alexa to ask ‘Douglas County’ about:
  • Up-to date county news ...“Alexa, ask Douglas County, what’s new?”
  • Local family-friendly events ...“Alexa, ask Douglas County, what events are occurring this month?”   
  • Road closures ... “Alexa, ask Douglas County, if there are any closures?”
  • Property value and taxes ...“Alexa, ask Douglas County, how do I pay my property tax?”
  • County services ... “Alexa, ask Douglas County, how do I find out about county finances?”
More questions are being added based on citizen inquiries, and a complete list of questions can be found on the Douglas County open data site,  For more information, please visit the Douglas County skill on Amazon.