Douglas County Fund Balances was designed using search-based navigation, with auto-suggest functions integrated into the search bar at the top of the page. The auto-suggest menu offers key words, and categories of site content to aid you in your search.
Key words could be as specific as fund names, such as "General Fund", a specific purpose, such as "Public Safety", or a restriction type, like "non-spendable". Using key words in the search bar will help your search begin.
As you begin your navigation, recognize that Fund Balances will automatically default to the most recent fiscal year available, which is generally the previous fiscal year. Fund Balances information is always compiled for the previous year.
Navigation allows easy access to the County’s Fund Balances detail, with the further ability to summarize at a County level or line-item detail. You may also determine how you want to view the data in a format that fits your needs – in table, snapshot, or timeline (over time) format.
At the bottom of each page you may click on the "Get This Data on Socrata" link. This will provide you with the option to download the data for further analysis using your own tools, or view the data on our Open Data site with a suite of data filtering, sorting and visualizing tools.
Douglas County Fund Balances is intended to be an informative resource, one of the tools within our Douglas County Open Data application.  We hope you will let us know how we can improve this tool, by reaching out to our staff directly at